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So you want a custom request? No problem!

Fill out the request form here below and send the links, of up to 2 designs that are free of charge. If links are not included, it won't be possible to locate the design right away and will probably delay fulfillment of the request. If you need the request quickly, please note it in the message so I can let you know if I can accommodate your schedule.

Describe the scale, rotation or include HEX color codes and a brief description of how you want the color modified.

First come first serve, requests will be done weekly MDT (mountain time) 9am-5pm. If I get too many to fulfill within a week, then they will queue into the following week.

Request Fee

If you need extensive requests more than 2 design requests, or more than the initial adjustment edits, then there is a fee. The request fee will be refunded if you order 5 yards minimum or 1 roll of wallpaper and you provide your username which you will use to purchase the materials.

Modified designs will not be available in my shop to purchase anytime, unless I decide to release it publicly. You will have to email me to set up a time to re-order, but there is no additional charge for re-order requests.

Spoonflower Request

Design 1:

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