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Can I make / sell products using your fabrics from Spoonflower?
Yes! You can sell products made with fabrics purchased through Spoonflower or Hawthorne Supply Co. Please tag on instagram.
Do you sell your designs for digital downloads or printables?
No, I do not currently license my designs for digital download products for personal or commercial use.
Do you sell your patterns?
Yes, but it depends on the details of use and what you need. I license to many small businesses but have limitations in place to protect my designs as well as my clientele. By filling out the contact form questions I can quickly give you a more detailed answer about if I can license or what alternative options I can offer.
Can I have the design exclusively?
If the design is something you came across, such as on Spoonflower, the designs will remain there. A grant of exclusivity on a published design is limited to category specific products which means that it will not be licensed to competitors during the term of the license. The designs will however, remain wherever it was found. I do not have control over how someone uses fabrics from Spoonflower. Other options to make a design more exclusive is to consider a custom re-color on a design or to discuss a custom design license.
Not sure how long I will need the license...
One way to approach the license if you are still figuring all the details out is to do a short term license and renew once you validate the design for your product / customer.
Can I get Illustrator or layered photoshop files?
Not on a published design, although it is sometimes possible on a custom design. I get this request a lot. If the reason is because a limited color palette is desired, another option is to request an ‘Indexed format’ which doesn’t cost anything extra. If however, you really want it to be an illustrator file, I can absolutely convert the file for an additional fee. The file however will not be editable beyond color adjustments due to the way I convert it.
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