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So would you like to work together? Here is an explanation of the license types and the form below to apply.

Non Exclusive Design License

A non exclusive license is an economic non proprietary licensing option only available if you are printing within the USA. Competitors can use the design while you are also using it on your product. It is a great option for a growing small business or company with an already unique product.

Exclusive Design License

An exclusive license is a category specific exclusive for your product. If your printing supplier is outside of the USA, this is an option. Competitors cannot license the design during the term, so for example if you are a swimwear company, then another swimwear company cannot license the same design during your license term. A swimwear and home decor company can both have an exclusive license on the same design without a conflict because they are not competitors. A published design will remain published wherever it was previously for sale, including on fabric retailer websites. You can request customized colors to distinguish from the published version.

Custom Design License

A custom design license is a great option if you want something that is brand new, never published and very exclusive. If your printing supplier is outside of the USA, this is an option. If you want more flexibility to use on multiple product types, long term usage rights this a good option. The way a custom design works is you provide some direction and we collectively come up with a design brief that helps to visually describe what will be created. There are some prompts and back and forth messages between us and then I send an action plan and possibly a design brief. If it all sounds good, then I collect a deposit and get to work! Custom design licenses start at $600 and include two minor revisions but does not include the design brief which is an additional cost - usually $25-50 per design concept which is a blueprint for the design execution and includes references, color palettes or any other instructions for the design execution.

Design License

Please fill out these questions and I will be in touch!

Design 1:
Design 2:
Design 3:
What are your file requirements?
Do you need a file converted to .ai/vector? (It's an additional cost)
Do you need a file bigger than 150 DPI (there's no extra charge)


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